CDA Women's Leadership

We at CDA support women in the workplace and aim to provide resources for women leaders.

CDA Women's Leadership Presentations:

The Art of Negotiation Attracting Women to
Non-Traditional Careers
Design Your Day Collective Genius
Own Your Money,
Own Your Life
Mind Mapping
Your Career
Integrating Work and Life Becoming a Leader

Courses Provided by The Moxie Exchange

CDA is partnering with The Moxie Collective to provide you with women’s leadership training at a discounted fee! CDA members use code CDA-ALL to sign up.

Growth Institute Scaling-Up Club

CDA has established a partnership with Growth Institute to offer CDA members FREE online executive education classes with access to 100+ on-demand 60–90 minute seminars and live online events focused on four key areas: People—Strategy—Execution—Sales. More Information.

Other Resources

Network of Executive Women (NEW)

Recruitment and Retention of Women: Enhancing Inclusion and Diversity (IFDA)

International Association of Women

Catalyst: Workplaces that Work for Women

MAKERS: a Resource to Accelerate the Women’s Movement Through Stories of Real-Life Experiences that Ignite Passion and Action