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» USDA, DOJ in Talks About Real-Time Hemp Certification to Ease Transport (12/3/19)

» Lawmakers Ready to Legalize Industrial Hemp in 2020 Session (12/3/19)

» Pro/Con: Should Texas Farmers Plant Hemp in its First Legal Growing Season? (12/3/19)

» On First Day of Michigan Recreational Marijuana Sales, Customers Line Up for Flower (12/3/19)

» CDC Study Found that Vitamin E Acetate is Contributing to Vaping Lung Injuries and Should Not Be Added to Vaping Products (12/2/19)

» Massachusetts Governor Shortens Vaping Ban but Signs Law Restricting Sales of Flavored Tobacco, Vaping Products (12/2/19)

» The Race is On for Recreational Marijuana Licenses in Maine (12/2/19)

» Michigan Regulators Issue Bulletin with Updated Testing and Packaging Requirements for Marijuana Vaping Products (12/2/19)

» Michigan Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin After Sunday, Dec. 1 (12/2/19)

» Hopeful L.A. Cannabis Market Entrants Bleed Money as They Wait Again – This Time for Licensing Audit (12/2/19)

» New Jersey Governor Backs Marijuana Decriminalization Ahead of 2020 Legalization Ballot Vote (11/27/19)

» Wisconsin Governor Signs Hemp Bill Into Law, Updates State Program for Farmers, Growers and Retailers (11/27/19)

» Iowa Attorney General Tweets Reminder that CBD Products are Illegal and Unsafe (11/27/19)

» Boston Mayor Sign Marijuana Ordinance at City Hall Ceremony (11/27/19)

» Federal Addiction Treatment Dollars Off-Limits for Marijuana (11/25/19)

» MRA Emergency Rules Require New Vaping Tests, Prohibit Vitamin E Acetate (11/25/19)

» Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Can Resume Selling Vaping Products (11/25/19)

» US House Panel Passes Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill in Historic Vote (11/21/19)

» Air Force Issues Notice Banning CBD Use Regardless of Legal Status (11/21/19)

» Lawmakers Say They’ll Try Again on Hemp in 2020 (11/21/19)

» State Lawmakers Pass Nation's Toughest Restrictions on Sale of Flavored Tobacco and Vaping Products (11/21/19)

» Vote to Federally Legalize Marijuana Planned in Congress (11/18/19)

» Hemp-Derived CBD Helps Chronic Pain Patients Reduce Opioid Use, Study Finds (11/18/19)

» Support for Marijuana Legalization Increased Again in 2019, Pew Poll Finds (11/15/19)

» Oregon Bans on Both Flavored Nicotine and Cannabis Vaping Products Now on Hold (11/15/19)

» SJC Upholds Rulings Challenging Baker on Vape Ban (11/15/19)

» Washington State Regulators Issue Proposed Rules on Vapor Products, Marijuana Packaging and Labeling, and the License Application Process (11/15/19)